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Having a philosophy of life is an important thing to me. Below are some things I believe in that guide the way I approach my personal and professional life.

The Golden Mean - Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

Achieving perfection is often impossible with any complex task, and effort beyond what is actually necessary in achieving its main purpose results in diminishing returns. The best and most efficient way to accomplish to goal is to accept that it only needs to be “good” enough to fulfill the purpose it was meant to serve. This does not mean that we shouldn’t strive for the best outcome or the highest quality; but that we shouldn’t let that impede our ability to initially benefit from the fruits of our labour.


Kaizen ~ Continuous Improvement

Kaizen is a concept referring to the process of continuous, incremental improvements to a system. I see Kaizen as necessary a colophon to `Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.’ Any process, design, or thing can always be improved if desired. Improving it is most effective when it is an iterative process that depends upon reflection and constructive analysis of the choices and circumstances that led to its current state.


Sustainable Design & Development

In it’s simplest definition, sustainability is the ability of something to exist constantly. Sustainability is an important part of my personal & professional outlook. It drives my motivation to eliminate waste & inefficiency, and build with eye towards the long term results of an endeavor.